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                  Regional sales manager for some

                  Job description:

                  1, responsible for the implementation of the company's marketing strategy, policy and planning;

                  2,The formulation of the responsible for sales strategy and plan of regional potential customers, develop new

          customers, as well as the market publicity and promotion;

                  3, responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the specified area of thecustomer relationship,

          brand promotion;

                  4, find out potential needs of customers, providing high value-added services to thecustomer solutions;

                  5, responsible for the collection, analysis, sorting, filing of customer needs,competitors and market information;

                  6, responsible for sales plan decomposition, implement, and tracking and evaluation;

                  7, complete the sales tasks and evaluation index;


                  1, 25-45 years old, college degree or above, experience can be considered a high school diploma;

                  2, 3 years or above experience in sales, sales management experience is preferred;

                  3, can bear hardships and stand hard work, positive work attitude, with strong, love sales work, willing to learn

          to break and challenge yourself, have a strong sense of teamwork and sense of responsibility;

                  4, work actively, doing things calm, persevere with pioneering spirit;

                  5, with a strong market analysis, marketing, promotion ability and good interpersonal communication, coordination,

          analysis and problem solving ability;

                  6, able to travel frequently, have customer resources is preferred

                  There is a strong sense of professionalism, have ambition, have three years ofplanning and a clear life goal,

          three years to become a excellent occupationmanagers and a strong desire to do the boss, give priority to those with

          a common goal, a person of noble aspirations to join and grow together!

                  Adult to have expected a man to seek common development!

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