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                  TDB-DALX company was founded in 1962, is located in the outskirts of Cologne in Germany, covers an area of 5000 square meters, has a very rich cleaning equipmentR & D and production experience. Dawlish was acquired in 1995 2001 acquisition of Italy Turbolava company and DoDikem company, Trubolava company is the production of vacuum cleaner has a ten years professional professional factory,DoDikem is a professional production of electric washing machine and electric toolfactory, located in Italy.

                  TDB-DALX was introduced in 2005 by the Taiwan BelleEnterprise Inc, joint venture established with independent legal institutions in the country, a total investment of 50000000 yuan, the factory covers an area of 8000square. Products in strict accordance with the European standards for manufacturing,and 80% exported to Europe and America etc..

                  TDB-DALX company can not only provide high quality cleaning equipment from Germanytechnology and manufacturing process for Chinese and Asia high-end customers,while also introducing the world's most complete and humanity service concept. To ensure that customers in the use of the global high quality cleaning equipment at the same time, more feel coming from Dawlish, five star pre-sale, sale, after sale nanny service.

                  Series of TDB-DALX cleaning equipment: quiet vacuum cleaner, vacuum suction machine, crystal face processing,

          sweeping machine, full automatic washing machine,stone crystal face machine, polishing machine, hot and cold water

           pressure washer,dryer, outdoor blowing and suction machine, snow machine......

                  Choose the ten big reason Dawlish

                  1,German, German technology, founded in 1962, 40 years of history, quality guaranteed.

                  2,The localization of  imported products, customer service and low cost, easy to findand secure supply of spare parts.

                  3,the prices of domestic products, the quality of imported products.

                  4,2005 years after the upgrade, to ensure that the guest now buy cleaning equipmentis the newest, highest

          configuration, the most advanced products.

                  5,TDB-DALX company effort in labor intensity improve cleaning equipment users, so theDawlish company

          products and other brands compared to reduce labor intensity,improve work efficiency is very significant.

                  6,no responsibility for customer service commitment, TDB-DALX  to all buy Dawlishproducts customers

          solemn commitment, within a year, whether human or nonhumancaused by failure, the company will be free warranty.

                  7,during the warranty period, such as failure, and the guest and rush to need to use the equipment, TDB-DALX

          Company solemn promise to provide free substituteequipment to the guest, until the fault is removed.

                  8,powerful strength of the company, customer service network all over the country all the intermediate above the

          city, and can enjoy the Dawlish company IWS, so buyersat ease and carefree.

                  9,leading after sale service and team cooperation spirit, so that customers enjoy the Supreme service.

                  10,professional training team, to ensure that the product function maximization.

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